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    Chris Ancona

    Experience & Activities

    Chris is American-Italian (dual nationality), born in Detroit, and raised in Pinckney, Michigan USA. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, and a MBA from the University of Iowa.

    Chris’ long career includes leading the mechanical team of a solar powered car that raced across America, having a project on the Space Shuttle Endeavor, being responsible for the wheel ends on vehicles from the Chrysler Minivan to the Dodge Viper. He has been responsible for numerous international businesses from the Automotive Aftermarket division at SKF AD to the Director of the Product Development and Testing Center in China for SKF China.

    In addition Chris has had the pain and pleasure of being the owner or lead investor in a diverse number of companies from Wine Trading, to Tattoo, to Biometrics and Virtual Reality. He currently sits on the advisory board of the Academy of Brain-Based Leadership (US and Australia) as well as the board of Spinview – a virtual reality company out of the UK and Sweden.  Chris is the author of two books and the owner of “Ugly Professor Publishing” which focuses on science-based education and education technologies.