The Uk Business Centre of Lille

What is the UK Business Centre Lille?

The UK Business Centre Lille  is an initiative set up to help British business who want to grow their business and operations in France and in Europe.

Companies entering a new market face innumerable hurdles and costs – financial, fiscal, logistical, cultural, linguistic, operational to name a few.

The aim of the UK Business Centre is to help reduce the risk for businesses entering the French market. It does this by giving them direct and immediate ways to overcome these hurdles in the most efficient and cost effective ways.

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UK Business Centre Lille

What help is available?

Tangible, expert help is available to UK businesses targeting France and Europe.

We know someone who can help you

The UK Business Centre Lille has brought together an “eco-system” of service providers, subject matter experts and industry professionals. People who can give up-to-date guidance and advice on the on-the-ground realities of doing business in France. These English-speaking sector experts are available both to help companies understand the details of the challenges facing them and to give them the playbook for how to deal effectively with these challenges.

Every business is different. They have differing needs and challenges – finding premises, understanding compliance needs, import regulations, warehousing, employment law, business development, selecting distributors and any number of other logistical issues. The UK Business Centre gives businesses direct access into the rich and broad commercial networks of Lille and the Hauts de France region. That’s why we are sure that – whatever the question – we know someone who can help.

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We can provide you with a place to start from

Through its partnership with local coworking space, Talent Garden, the UK Business Centre Lille can provide any British business with an office, meeting rooms and an internet connection, to be able to do business locally as if they had their own office here, at an affordable cost.

It’s a great place to start and a quick way to get connected into the local business environment… oh and it’s five minutes walk from the Lille Europe Eurostar terminal.

If you want to know more you can email us at:

or call us on:

UK: +44 203 907 6490     FRANCE: +33 3 53 32 00 54

Who is behind the UK Business Centre Lille?

Endorsed by the UK Department of Business and Trade, the UK Business Centre Lille is a joint project between the British Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lille (BCCI) and Nord France Invest (the investment promotion agency for the Hauts-de-France region, in Northern France), supported by the World Trade Centre in Lille and also by the UK government’s honorary consul Jean-Jacques Roussel.

All of these organisations believe in the need to strengthen Franco-British trade and business links. They are all committed to helping UK companies navigate through the new UK-EU trade requirements. They all know that Lille in particular and the Hauts de France more widely offer huge strategic, logistical and commercial opportunities to innovative companies.